DC Grace

(Author - The Amethyst Dragon; The Guardians)

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DC Grace


DC Grace is a Paranormal/Fantasy author. The Amethyst Dragon is her second book series. It has the distinction of being one of the first series published in the New Adult genre. The Amethyst Dragon introduces its readers to a whole new brand of creature, called the Dragon Fae. Harkening back to the legends of Avalon and Camelot, the series invites you to take a walk back in time, while still being firmly rooted in present day. The first two books, Dragon Wings and Pixie Dust, released to international acclaim. The third installment, Faery Rings, is scheduled for a December 2013 release.

Miss Grace is also the author of the YA series, The Guardians. With the release of The Sacred Oath in 2010 and Season of Destruction in 2011, this supernatural series is rooted in Native American mystique. Werewolf meets Nephilim, and two worlds collide as star-crossed lovers Dasan and Angelina race to save the last two Thunderbirds in existence. Expect book three, Last Shadow Cast, in mid-2014.

DC Grace has been fascinated with all things supernatural since childhood. She is well studied in all aspects of Native American culture, as well as early Pagan and Celtic histories and cultural practices. She's also a lover of music, faery balls, and John Hughes films.

Miss Grace lives just outside Louisville, KY. She shares a home with her daughters, two crazy kitties and a neurotic Chihuahua. She considers herself lucky they let her live with them.

And yes, she does believe in faeries...

DC Grace can be found on Goodreads and her series website.