Dawn O'Connell
(Sculptor - www.LittleBuddiesActionFigures.com)
Dawn O'ConnellDawn O’Connell is a sculptor specializing in personalized action figures. All that’s needed from her customers is their photos or drawings and she can bring them to life. The idea occurred to her several years ago when contemplating an original gift for some friends. Since the action figure gifts were so well received, she decided to offer her artistic services to the public. A knack for sculpting the likeness of a person as well as having unique sewing skills has contributed to her success.

Dawn has been commissioned for action figures ranging from real life people to original comic book heroes to video game characters. You can contact her and see examples of her work on her website at www.LittleBuddiesActionFigures.com.

Dawn’s action figures will be featured in an upcoming 2014 film, Murder of a Cat, starring Greg Kinnear, J.K. Simmons, and Nikki Reed.
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