Dawn Griffin

(Writer/Illustrator - Zorphbert and Fred webcomic; Abby’s Adventures Children’s Book Series)

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Dawn Griffin, of Havertown PA, is a designer/illustrator/cartoonist specializing in kids and young adult material. Dawn is originally from Cleveland, OH and a (masochistic?) Cleveland sports fan… so being the underdog trying to overcome the odds is nothing new to her. With 10 years of independent and small-publishing experience, she has honed her style to a perfect balance of “cute, funny & quirky”. Her creator-owned properties, both boasting 4 books each, are the sci-fi/humor comic “Zorphbert & Fred”, and the self-esteem kids book series “Abby’s Adventures” published under Eifrig Publishing. She has also contributed to multiple anthologies such as “Team Cul de Sac” from Andrews McMeel Publishing, and “RISE: Comics Against Bullying” from Northwest Press. Dawn is also a co-founder of Webcomic Alliance, a 5 year-running web resource & popular podcast for comic creators. “Creative Workhorse” may be an understatement.