Dawn Griffin
(Writer/Illustrator - Zorphbert and Fred webcomic; Abby's Adventures Children's Book Series)
Dawn GriffinDawn Griffin, out of Havertown, PA, is a designer/illustrator/cartoonist, A.K.A. Certified Creative Workhorse. Over the past 7 years, her all-ages comic strip Zorphbert & Fred has been posted online with a growing readership, and now is published in 3 print volumes and ebooks. Dawn also illustrated the Abby’s Adventures kids book series, which promotes self-esteem in girls ages 3-8, and now boasts 4 books. Wanting to give back to the online comic community, she co-founded the Webcomic Alliance, offering free articles, tutorials, videos and a podcast about the business of digital comics. Dawn is originally from Cleveland, OH and still a Cleveland sports fan… so being the underdog trying to overcome to odds is nothing new to her. Her next endeavor: inventing the 30-hour day. And maybe a coffee IV.
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