Dawn DuJour

(Hound Comics Illustrator)

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Dawn DuJour


Dawn DuJour is the illustrator of Growing Up Giant--The True Story of Peter Mayhew Who Grew Up to Be Chewbacca. Ms. DuJour has been an accomplished artist working in many mediums (portraits, costumes, illustration, masks, jewelry) for several decades. (Example: the painted Chewie leather tophat and jacket often worn by Peter Mayhew are her work.) The idea of this book grew out of dining table discussions at the Mayhew house about how to best convey Peter's unique personal story. Ms DuJour chose a nostalgic illustration style reminiscent of the actual era, and meticulously researched all details: buildings, cars, planes, clothing, food, furnishings, etc. Collaged photos of many unusual era items are worked into the pictures, creating a kind of treasure hunt for sharp-eyed readers. Ms. DuJour is currently working on another children's storybook and a YA fantasy novel, while continuing her many artistic projects.

*Courtesy of Oz Wars Promotions