David Weaver

(Artist - Bleak World Productions)

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David Weaver


A native of Houston, Texas, David Weaver specializes in artwork of a surrealist, abstract and sometimes environmentally sympathetic nature. Weaver graduated from Scarborough High School, where he was a member of the Art Honors Society and in 1992, he was awarded First Place in the Regional Industry Fair for Auto-CAD.

Following high school, Weaver pursued undergraduate studies in Horticulture, specializing in the field of landscape architecture. However, due to his prolonged exposure to pesticides, he developed a host of health problems, which led him away from a career in Horticulture and toward the world of art. Coincidentally, his experience with toxic chemicals in the natural world became the primary motivator and source material for his artwork.

Weaver's work illustrates issues of harmony and conflict, communicating his hope that people will develop respect for nature and its creatures and recognize the connectivity of man and nature.

Since turning his attention to art full time, Weaver's work has been included in over 15 art exhibitions throughout the state, including shows at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, and the G Gallery and Gallery M Squared, both located in Houston. He has also participated in the Art on the Water Bayou City Art Festival for the past two years, and won second place in 2010.

Weaver credits his uncle, John Glenn Brown, a professional art instructor of thirty years, for introducing him to many art forms as a child, thus revealing his talent and interest in art.

Lately, he has self-published a book through his own Bleak World Productions containing a story told through both illustrations and music. He collaborated with two of his closest friends, Danny Patterson and the late Larry Moon to help him compose the music accompanying the story. Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts in Spring, Texas hosted the book's release party; the show included an exhibition of all the original pieces from the book, as well as live performances of some of the book's musical tracks. Pearl Fincher Museum displayed the book during the party, and for several weeks following, for purchase by visitors to the museum. Due to the positive response to his book, Weaver hopes to continue displaying his book in other venues, so he has returned to convention life.

In future Bleak World editions, Weaver hopes to incorporate more multimedia projects in the spirit of this first book. He is currently working on the second book chronicling the adventures of the Walrus and the Toad, with the third planned shortly thereafter. He has added Bleak World earrings and guitar picks to his selection of merchandise, all original art. He has been doing commission work as of late, channeling his creativity into his work for his clients.