David Savage

(Perler Pixel Pals)

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David Savage


Perler Pixel Pals is an art company dedicated to creating video game, movie, television, and comic book sprites from perler beads. They can be used as ornaments, coasters, magnets, or to hang on the wall. Perler Pixel Pals is dedicated to injecting a new energy to the character designs and to make them exuberant and full of life. To quote a satisfied customer, They jump right off the TV screen. Some of them make you wish that they were actually games.

Perler Pixel Pals was founded by David Savage, a magna cum laude film graduate of UNLV and local artist. He's also the founder of The Savage Experience, a production company dedicated to making shorts, reviews, interviews, film analysis, and parodies. Art has always been influential to his life, from drawing to sculpting to working with perler beads.



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