David M. Ross


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David M. Ross


David Ross began acting at a young age, landing a principal role in RoboCop: the series along with the role of Grumpin in the film adaptation of the stage production Touching.

David took a break from acting during high school, where he developed many other interests including wrestling. Under the persona of The Amazing Darkstone, David held numerous titles including the NSW World Championship and the UWA Heavyweight Title. It was during his reign as champion that UWA Hardcore Wrestling became the #1 Canadian wrestling promotion.

David is also an avid costumer and cosplayer. Dressing up as Namor the Sub-Mariner, Conan the Barbarian and others have helped earn him the name Naked Dave on the convention circuit. Recently, Naked Dave has become a recurring character on CH Television's This Movie Sucks with Ed the Sock.