David A. Rodriguez

(Writer - Shadowgirls; Starkweather; Hunter: The Reckoning; Ghost Recon; Transformers)

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David A. Rodriguez


David A. Rodriguez has been a professional writer and video game designer for the past ten years and started his comics career with the release of the first Starkweather series from Arcana Comics. In addition to writing the current iteration, Starkweather: Immortal for Archaia, David co-created and continues to write for the popular webcomic Shadowgirls which is celebrating the release of its massive 240 page, Season: One, hardcover from Th3rd World Studios! (Available at the show)!

David also has written for video games such as Hunter: The Reckoning, Ghost Recon and Transformers. In what he jokingly refers to as his spare time, he directs voice actors for multiple motion-comic projects. David currently resides in New York with wife and son and wants to thank them for their support and forbearance.

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