David Martinez

(Co-Owner - Melted Mind Creations)

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David Martinez


Born and raised in the Austin area, Im a lover of all forms of storytelling. Drawing casually since I was five and writing not too much longer after that, Ive always dreamed of turning passion into profession. What your seeing here is, in hopes, the beginning of something big. Now founder and co-owner (with Damon Miller) of Melted Mind Creations (MMC), a start up entertainment company based in Austin Texas, Ill be working on writing and drawing my first legitimate comic book, titled 'salvation. Through MMC, we are also releasing podcasts, with our headlining pop-culture themed podcast called The Pop Pod already a few episodes in (check it out on iTunes and anywhere podcasts are found). Spanning out to multiple mediums, MMC is currently in production on a series of live action shorts along with an array of other projects in the works.