David D. Levine

(Author - Space Magic; TkTkTk)

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David D. Levine


David D. Levine is a lifelong SF reader whose midlife crisis was to take a sabbatical from his high-tech job to attend Clarion West in 2000. It seems to have worked. He made his first professional sale in 2001, won the Writers of the Future Contest in 2002, was nominated for the John W. Campbell award in 2003, was nominated for the Hugo Award and the Campbell again in 2004, and won a Hugo in 2006 (Best Short Story, for TkTkTk). A collection of his short stories, _Space Magic_ from Wheatland Press, won the Endeavour Award in 2009 and was recently re-released as an ebook by Book View Caf. In January of 2010 he spent two weeks at a simulated Mars base in the Utah desert, and you can read about that at http://www.bentopress.com/mars/. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Kate Yule, with whom he edits the fanzine _Bento_. His website is at http://www.daviddlevine.com.