David Hindelang

(Co-Founder - Iconograph)

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David Hindelang is the Vice President of Iconograph Studios, co-founded Iconograph in 2008. He has been illustrating commercially since 1990. David has been a Marvel/Topps original trading card artist for the last 3 years, working on everything from Marvel Beginnings to Marvel Age of Ultron trading cards (over 13 different sets in all). He is current working on several future projects with Marvel/Topps trading cards. David is also working on two comic book projects with Iconograph Studios. David is the host of the paranormal investigation series Phenomena: Probing the Paranormal featured on DVD.

A prolific fine artist, Hindelang was the principal artist on the webcomic OUR LAST GASP and the print comic UNNATURALS. Additionally, he performed the art duties on BELLA DETESTA ARS and NORMAL. He is the creator and artist of the comic MAX THE BEAR."