David Gambino

(Editor - Heavy Set GDS, Penciler/Inker - Heavy Set GDS)

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David Gambino


David Gambino isnt related to any of the Gambino crime family, he's asked a lot if he is. David started his art background in caricatures and attended art school at VCU for a short time before deciding to branch out and pave his own way. Teaming up with Troy Zurel in 2010 they revamped the Heavy Set GDS image and started producing Pin Up work, t-shirt designs, freelancing for commission and business and company identity packages. 2011 he helped create partnerships with Danny Cruz, and Shelby Robertson for some amazing pin ups being offered during the 2011 convention season. David handles all the day to day work in finding and signing artists to work with Heavy Set GDS. He is also a penciler and has a unique cartoon style that separates his work from others.

Dave currently lives and operates out of his home underground in the Shire.

Naw...located in Yorktown Virginia.

Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Heavy-Set-GDS/152167768147204