David DeGrand

(Cartoonist - MAD Magazine; Spongebob Squarepants; Heeby Jeeby Comics)

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David DeGrand


David DeGrand has been drawing cartoons ever since a fateful day in a fifth grade art class where he was assigned to draw a comic strip for a school project. This comic strip, the first one he ever drew, ended up being published in the school newspaper. After enjoying such a positive first experience with cartooning, he kept at it since he was so bad at sports and making friends. More of his cartoons where published in his small town newspaper just a few years later, not realizing at the time they were merely used as space filler. He went on to shoehorn his way onto the high school newspaper staff as a cartoonist (where his work was nationally recognized), and then as an award winning illustrator for The Shorthorn, the student newspaper for The University of Texas at Arlington, where he graduated from with an art degree. He then began exhibiting drawings and paintings in galleries in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, while drawing cartoons and comic strips for various publications. He has since drawn comics and illustrations for MAD Magazine and Spongebob Squarepants, and is a contributor to Heeby Jeeby Comics.