David Campiti

(Artists Agent, Co-Writer - Stan Lee's How To Draw Comics; The Marvel Art of Mike Deodato)

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David Campiti


A 30-year veteran of the comics industry, David Campiti began writing for Pacific Comics in the early 80s. After writing for such characters as Superman and T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, he co-founded several publishing companies, most notably Innovation Comics -- where, as publisher and editor-in-chief, he wrote Lost in Space, Dark Shadows, Beauty and the Beast, Hero Alliance, and many other titles.

For the past 20 years, David has been C.E.O. of Glass House Graphics, an international talent agency and studio, discovering and representing such top artists as Mike Deodato, Will Conrad, Luke Ross, Joe Bennett, Al Rio, Cliff Richards, Wilson Tortosa, Jinky Coronado, and many others. His roster currently boasts over 125 writers, artists, colorists, and designers.

David has also become a cartoon voice actor and animation producer, with the film Journey to Magika coming in 2014. Meanwhile, he continues to write such comics as Thundersaurs for the international market and blogs at davidcampiti.com. In book form, you can find him as as author of the graphic novel Exposure and co-writer of Stan Lee's How To Draw Comics and the hardcover The Marvel Art of Mike Deodato.

David is attending several Wizard shows this year and is doing portfolio reviews for artists and colorists all days of the shows.