Daryl Edelman

(Writer/Editor - Marvel; Archie; DC Comics)

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Daryl Edelman


Daryl Edelman cut his teeth as an Assistant Editor on X-Men, X-Factor, Wolverine, New Mutants, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, Transformers, Thundercats, and Masters of the Universe, edited Power Pack, and wrote Classic X-Men, Marvel Comics Presents, Thundercats, and Transformers fill-ins and backps.

At Archie Comics, he revamped Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Little Archie titles as well as the Archie daily and Sunday strips in over 400 North American newspapers, and introduced Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog to America.

Hired by comic book legend Joe Orlando at DC, he developed custom comics for Gramercy Pictures' Kalifornia, Sunsoft's Justice League Task Force video game, and Batman Born on the Fourth of July for Rainblo Bubblegum. He's developed style guides for Warner Brothers Batman Forever, the 1996 US Olympic Team, and Milestone Media, as well as Golden Books' Sight & Sound Batman Storybook, Maze of the Minotaur and Mask of the Phantasm animated movie trading cards.

Living in New York City with his wife, Regina, the couple recently finished writing GARMENTS OF FLEAS, a novel based on her strange story of escape from poverty in Brazil. His first solo novel, COMIC BOOK MARGINAL, is in the works.

Visit their blog at http://reginaedelman.blogspot.com/