Darick Robertson

(Co-Creator - HAPPY!; Transmetropolitan; The Boys, Artist - Punisher: Born; Wolverine)

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Darick Robertson


Darick Robertson has been drawing comics since he was a young boy, and was first published with his creator-owned title 'space Beaver, which he wrote and drew for 11 issues, beginning in 1986. A self-taught artist, Darick has worked on a plethora of mainstream characters for Marvel, DC and Dark Horse Comics including Wolverine, Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, The Punisher, The Justice League and The Hulk. He wrote and drew The Weight Of The Crown a one shot Conan the Barbarian story in 2010. He is best known for his two co creations, Transmetropolitan with Warren Ellis and The BOYS with Garth Ennis. He is currently collaborating on a new title HAPPY! with Grant Morrison. Born and raised in San Mateo, California, Darick has lived in San Francisco, Florence, Italy and New York. He currently resides in the Napa Valley with his wife and two sons.