Dan Price

(Hound Comics, Co-Creator/Writer - Masters of the Obvious) *Courtesy of Oz Wars Promotions

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Dan Price


In 2005, Dan Price decided to check off a huge item off his bucket list and create his own comic, Latex Avenger. First published in March of 2007, The opus introduced the world to the Ribbed Warrior of Justice and his faithful lackey, Spermicidal Foam Lad, as they repelled crime... 99.99% of the time! The first issue was a success with the readers who bought the first print run (all 200 of you rock!) and that was that. In 2010, Dan went back to Latex Avenger and really blew the roof of the property, introducing new characters and crazier story lines. Dan eventually left his role of sole creator to focus on the writing and hooked up with Bonn Adame at 24-hour comic day, teaming up on a handful of Latex Avenger comics, helping the character find greater success in the indie/underground comic scene.

In 2012, Dan and Bonn hooked up with Brimstone at Hound Comics and the two developed Masters of the Obvious for the company's web comic line. Masters of the Obvious is a sci-fi space parody that follows the crew of the Battle Toaster, The USS Screensaver, as they have pop culture adventures where no geek has gone before.

Bringing power to the people through electricity and a funky good time... --Dan Price