Dan Panosian
(Artist - Suicide Squad; Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors; Conan: Road of Kings; Irredeemable; X-Factor Forever; X-Men: Origns; Angel: Barbary Coast; Uncanny X-Men; Detective Comics; Ultimate Spider-Man; Wonder Woman; Iron Man; The Amazing Spider-Man; Captain America)
Dan PanosianI feel every new project is an opportunity to showcase a new idea. Ideas make people take pause and reflect. If I can make someone really take a moment and ďlookĒ at an ad, illustration or character design - Iíve accomplished my goal and the goal of my client. I started my career in Manhattan drawing comics like the X-Men, Spiderman, the Hulk, Spawn, Batman and Captain America. From there I began doing commercial art and movie character design. Iíve also worked designing video games. Duke Nukem Forever was very fun. Tons of characters and action. Iíve also worked on Warner Brotherís Harry Potter Production Crew. I enjoy all elements of illustration and character generation. I still continue to draw comic books for Marvel Comics and various others when Iím not doing magazine illustration and commercial art. Recently, I received Best of Show ADDY Award for a campaign that included a Corporate Icon Design and a series of advertising supplemental brochures.
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