Danny Limor

(Creator/Writer/Artist - Neutron City Comix)

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Danny Limor


Danny Limor is a Super-Genius Time Traveler who has been drawing since he was strong enough to lift a pencil. Now he is mighty and able to lift MANY pencils. He is a relative newcomer to the field of webcomics having spent ten years prior performing as a traveling Standp Comedian. Deciding to radically change his career path, Danny finally started chasing his childhood dream of making comics for a living. His style of drawing has always been a sort of cute and kid-friendly and since the bulk of his experience as a wordsmith consisted of writing funny jokes and one-liners, the Comic Strip format seemed a natural fit. He currently writes and draws the funniest comic on the whole computernet according to his mother who would also like to point out that he's single, while his father seems to think he's completely wasting his time and wants to know if he ever intends to find a REAL job. What a kidder!