Daniel Vest

(Artist - Worlds Of The Crystal Moon; Codename: Zeus; Wrath of the Titans; Jason and the Argonauts: Kingdom of Hades)

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Daniel Vest


I attended the Vancouver Film School for Classical Animation. I work for DAZ 3D rendering 3D artwork. Currently Creating and Marketing comic book/Animation Series called Codename: Zeus.

Greek influence exists in colleges across the world - in some more than others. No one learns this faster than Grayson Williams, a former pop star and current hot topic among tabloid celebrities, who tries to gain new perspective on life after tragedy strikes and alters the course of his future forever. Now a freshman at one of the top Ivy League schools in America to forge a new path in life, Grayson finds himself thrust into a covert collegiate underworld composed of secret societies with hidden agendas among the campus fraternities and their ties to super-powered beings, evil creatures from the stuff of nightmares, & large corporations with deep pockets and even deeper secrets that give new meaning to "going Greek."