Daniel Strickland

(Artist/Creator - Elmira Stagg: Convict)

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Daniel Strickland


Daniel Strickland is a comic book artist and illustrator from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art, Daniel has worked on numerous comic projects including illustrating The Adventures of Tom Sawyer graphic novel for Stone Arch Books, penciling and inking the M.O.P.S. webcomic for ICON Studios, and inking and toning on 'southside Nefertiti: Fist of the South Star for Type Illy Press.

Daniel is currently working on Elmira Stagg: Convict, a creator-owned story for the Baton Rouge Cartoonist Society's upcoming anthology, as well as illustrating a novel cover for acclaimed New Orleans writer Dean Paschal's latest book.