Danielle Bonardi

(Cosplayer/ Writer/ Costume & Prop Maker)

**Please check your city’s home page for guest appearance days!**

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Danielle Bonardi


Danielle's passion for costuming started in 2011, where she attended her first convention to meet some of her favorite guest celebrities. She fell in love with the atmosphere of the convention and the creativity of the cosplayers as they showcased a wide variety of fandoms through costuming. She has attended both the largest and smallest conventions since that time, and has created several unique costumes to bring to each event. Each costume is selected based on a relationship to the character and the message they bring to the fandom community. These costumes include a Lady Two-Face, a Battlestar Galactica Viper Pilot and a survivor of the zombie apolocypse; but her greatest costuming achievement to date is an Iron Man Mark 4 suit. She is honored to have won several costuming awards based on her workmanship and presentation.

Danielle also spends her time giving back to the community through costumed charity work. She is part of the world-wide Star Wars costuming charity organization known as the Rebel Legion. She donates her time as her Jedi Knight character to bring smiles to children of ALL ages across the tri-state area. She is also a member of the Marvel charity costuming group called the East Coast Avengers, in which she donates her time as "Iron Man" for their various events.

Danielle lives in New Jersey and works as a Teaching Assistant in New York. She is a writer and costume/prop maker, as well as an animal lover and fitness enthusiast.