Daniel Kash

(Actor - Aliens; Robocop)
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Daniel Kash


Born in Montreal, Daniel Kash grew up in an artistic family comprised of mother Maureen Forrester, a contralto, and father Eugene Kash, a musician and teacher. That nurturing environment may just have influenced the decision to go into the arts himself, and he trained at and performed at the Drama Centre in London, England. He soon moved back to North America and performed in various stage productions, dramas and musicals, in both Canada and the States.

Film and television soon followed, with appearances in a variety of Canadian-produced TV series such as RoboCop and Street Legal, as well as roles in the science fiction film Aliens and the award-winning Gross Misconduct (written by former Due South co-star Paul Gross and directed by Atom Egoyan). Kash, who bore a striking resemblance to the real Brian 'Spinner' Spencer, a hockey player whose turbulent life ended in death in Florida, immediately undertook power skating lessons upon winning the role. For his intense performance in this television drama, Kash garnered a Gemini Award Nomination for Best Actor.

Kash has been quoted as not having a personal style, and thus will choose a variety of roles, and doesn't mind altering his appearance to fit the role. He went from a totally bald look in Aliens to a greaser's pompadour and sideburns in the dark comedy The Michelle Apartments in which he plays the cooly malevolent husband.

Kash left Due South part-way through its second season -- his character met a fiery demise in a car bomb meant for Detective Ray Vecchio ("Juliet is Bleeding"). Kash has since pursued his career in the sunny environs of Los Angeles, and was seen in the NBC series Law & Order. He returned to his native Canada for an appearance on the paranormal series PSI Factor as well as the eco-terrorist film Spill, and several plays. Daniel continues to appear in a multitude of productions from television series to big screen movies. He's also directed short films, such as Germgirl, Flip Phone, and For Lease.

Kash works out -- running, lifting weights, and basketball -- to keep in shape. His favorite actors are Charles Laughton, Tim Roth, John Turturro, and Anthony Quinn. He's been married to actress Hayley Tyson since the late 1980s. The couple now split their time between Los Angeles and Toronto. His sister Linda is also an accomplished actress.