Daniel Hulina

(Creator/Artist/Writer - Crackpot Jailin)

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Daniel Hulina


I was born on a cold November morning in 1981. (Actually, Im only guessing it was cold, Im not sure how the weather was.)

Anyway, I am from the town of McHenry Illinois and currently reside in Belvidere, Illinois.

Through the years, I have continued with my passion of drawing hoping that one day it would land me a job at Disney or Marvel Comics or any other comic company but so far, I am still just doing things on my own.

I have held many jobs in my life from cooking, security, stock boy and Correctional Officer.

One night when I was board, I started drawing a cartoon version of a sloppy, filthy Cop. Little did I know that that picture would spawn so many others and become something I dream about when I sleep and something I cant stop thinking about when Im awake. I hired my cousin, Matthew Berry to assist me in the cartoon. He does all of the animation for the show (and before he started with me he had NO EXPERIENCE IN ANIMATION). I draw the characters, backgrounds, everything including all artwork for our comic books and comic shorts.

We started up some Facebook pages, a youtube account and a twitter account. We have a large following and I am content with that but we I would love more followers.

I strive to do the best I can at any project I put my hands on. Currently I am working on the cartoon and comic (crackpot jailin, a TV show called Yes, Im a dork a book called Apnea , a book called One I also am writing the script for another movie idea titled Jacob's Cell, and my second comic is in the early stages called The Adventures of Dick and Huge.

I have also been creating tattoo designs for numerous people, Art work (murals, patch designs, paintings, hand draw with pencil, etc.)

If you would like more info on any of these projects, go to...

Facebook/crackpotjailin cartoon, Facebook/crackpot jailin, Twitter @cpjailin, YouTube/cpjailin, www.crackpotjailin.com

Also, check me out on IMDb.Com / Daniel Hulina

LinkedIn / Daniel Hulina