Daniel Crosier

(Artist - Vincent Price Presents; Bartholomew of the Scissors; Distortions Unlimited)

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Daniel Crosier


Denver, Colorado based artist Daniel Crosier has came onto the comic book scene in the last few years. Illustrating and writing multiple comic book projects with a variety of well-established publishers, Crosier's distinctive approach, incomparable perspective and vibrant personality has the industry taking note.

After a near death experience due to a lifetime bout with chronic asthma and allergies in his early 20's, Crosier launched into his art career with unyielding vigor and tenacity as only someone offered a second chance could. Crosier secured a degree in fine art from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, CO with an emphasis in drawing and sculpture. This background in fine art has encouraged him develop a watershed wood burning technique for illustrating his latest comic book project, Bartholomew of the Scissors from Bluewater Productions. Crosier has illustrated and burned the entire four-part comic book series on 88 wood panels.

Crosier explains what encouraged him to start illustrating and burning on wood. I have a background in fine art, and have always opted for alternative mediums. I really liked the idea of incorporating wood grain into my drawings. When I began getting published in the comic industry, it seemed like a natural transitions to do some covers and pin ups on wood. It stuck. People really seemed to like the organic feel of the work.

Bartholomew of the Scissors features gothic horror elements with innovative twists. Similar to the new Vince Prince Presents and Distortions Unlimited series which Crosier will also be involved with as a writer and illustrator from Bluewater Productions, the primary focus is on innovative storytelling technique and exceptional art opposed to gratuitous gore.

Crosier also directs the samurai demon/neo-kabuki performance group OFM: OdAm fEI mUd, has directed a few short films like PPP: Plush Posh Pink, and has designed animation & worked as associate producer on Backseat Conceptions Lords of Pain animated short.

The comic industry isnt Crosier only creative venture. He is also the founder and CEO of Thoth Engine Productions, a multi-faceted production company specializing in original performance, music, film and visual art and design. For more information about Daniel Crosier visit www.thothengine.net.

Crosier's Work:

* http://danielcrosier.deviantart.com/

* http://www.thothengine.net/

* http://www.myspace.com/thothengine/

* http://www.facebook.com/daniel.crosier/