Daniel Acuña
(Artist - Uncanny Avengers; Wolverine; Avengers; X-Men; Uncanny X-Men; FF; Captain America; The Flash; Green Lantern)
Daniel AcuñaDaniel got his Fine Arts degree in the University of Valencia. His first published works in Spain were three stories starring his characters Claus & Simon (Claus & Simon en Hollywood, Feria de Monstruos, and Cajón de Sastre) for Ediciones La Cúpula, all written by co-creator Santiago Arcas. He also did the first issue of Anthem, written by Roy Thomas, for Dude Comics. Daniel and Santi would return to Claus & Simon with a French album, Claus & Simon: Rois de L’Evasion, published by Albin Michel in France, and by Heavy Metal in the USA.

His first American work were two “profiles” for the Teen Titans / Outsiders Secret Files & Origins 2005 (Blackfire and Ravager), and some covers for Marvel (Captain Universe, Doc Samson...). He also did some cover work for DC (JLA, Outsiders...), before starting the Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fightersminiseries (with a prologue in the Brave New World Special), Green Lantern, and a brief stint as artist on The Flash. Moving to Marvel, he did covers forNova, Red Hulk, and others, and worked on The Eternals, Uncanny X-Men Annual, Dark Reign: The Cabal, Young X-Men, or X-Men Legacy. Recently, he also shared artistic duties with Stuart Immonen on New Avengers #61-#62.

After starting the Black Widow ongoing series, Daniel provided art for Captain America, New Avengers, Wolverine, and X-Men: Schism. After a stint on The Avengers and the AvX issues of Uncanny X-Men, Daniel started working on Uncanny Avengers, book he’s still working on to this day.

Acuña has also been the creator of the 12 interlocked Avengers 50th anniversary covers for Marvel.
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