Dan Dougherty

(Artist/Writer - Beardo; Touching Evil; Bob Howard: Plumber of the Unknown; Thunderfeet)

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Dan Dougherty is the creator of Beardo, the 2012 Shel Dorf Award winner for Syndicated Print Strip. He also is the writer and illustrator of Touching Evil, an ongoing comic series about a curse that allows its bearer to kill anyone with the mere touch of the hand, provided the person is inherently evil. Dan is proud to announce that issue two debuts at Wizard World.

Dan frequently collaborates with authors DJ Corchin and Rafael Nieves. With DJ, he has illustrated several excellent childrens books, most recently the adorable Thunderfeet, which teaches kids that imagination is the greatest superpower. With Rafael, he is the co-creator, illustrator and sometimes writer of Bob Howard: Plumber of the Unknown, now published as a collection through First Comics.

Dan lives in the south suburbs with his wife Meg and two dogs, and loves what he does.