Dan Cote

(Co-Creator - Zen Intergalactic Ninja)

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Dan Cote


DAN COTE is one of the comics industry's legendary artists, including as co-creator and illustrator of ZEN INTERGALACTIC NINJA. A prolific experimenter, Dan illustrated the first series of ZEN comics completely by airbrush, simply because no one else had ever done it. A life-long fan of 3D comic books, Dan began to study the various processes and when he went digital, Dan developed Code D, a digital mode process which creates anaglyph 3D with striking depth and immersion, which Dan then used to create the ZEN 3D comic book the best use of 3D in a comic book ever made!

Dan is currently perfecting a new workflow creating a graphic novel that is largely vector art, which creates a unique stylized vibe and stunning colors. Dan's original graphic novel featuring ZEN INTERGALACTIC NINJA is scheduled for release by 1FIRST COMICS in 2014.