Damon Miller
(Co-Owner - Melted Mind Creations)
Damon MillerBorn in Phoenix, Arizona he moved to Austin at the age of ten and has been here ever since. A life long comics, movies and sports fan (Hook’em). With a vast knowledge of all things awesome, he is presently working hard towards his dreams in the entertainment industry. Now co-owner (with David Martinez) of Melted Mind Creations (MMC), a start up entertainment company based in Austin Texas, he will be writing and directing a series of live action shorts. Through MMC, we are also releasing podcasts, with our headlining pop-culture themed podcast called “The Pop Pod” already a few episodes in (check it out on iTunes and anywhere podcasts are found). Spanning out to multiple mediums, MMC is currently in production on a new comic book along with an array of other projects in the works.
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