Damon Bowie


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Born and raised in the cultural melting pot that is the city of New Orleans, Bowie has been a professional artist since the age of 16.

He has worked in the Design and Illustration field in New Orleans for the largest fabricator to the Entertainment Industry in the Gulf South.

As Art Director and Chief of Design he has helped create parades, sculpture, and elaborate settings for commercial clients and private organizations for over 13 years.

Throughout that time he has made a supplemental living with efforts including comic book projects as well as many Art Prints he made available for public sale.

These days, Bowie has been busy as a Conceptual artist, as well doing tons of personal Commissions for clients all over the world.

The Iconic Series of work and his approach to the Fan Art he offers is a lifelong ambition finally realized for Bowie.

There are plans for future series of the seminal works with more exciting art to come.