'#3 Dale Earnhardt'
(1997 Dale Earnhardt GM Goodwrench Service Plus #3 Chevy Monte Carlo)
'#3 Dale Earnhardt'The 1997 Dale Earnhardt GM Goodwrench Service Plus #3 Chevy Monte Carlo was originally purchased in 2007 from the NASCAR Cafe after its closing. The purchaser was Worth Heath, owner operator of Heath Amusements in Randleman NC had the car put back into racing condition by Roush Racing’s Jeff Isom, who installed a Busch Series 358 engine, along with various suspension and drive-line parts that were needed. It utilizes a a super speedway 11 gallon fuel cell. It is once again in drive-able/race condition. The race car is a wonderful piece of racing history with period pieces to make it authentic. Worth Heath passed away before he was actually able to get it out to tool around at shows with the car but his family kept it until a private collector wanted it. The car sat another five years or so in a climate controlled garage before being fired up for sale. It did spend some time at the Randleman Nascar Day festivals for all to see and enjoy the last few years. Mr. Heath passed away in 2008 and the car passed on to his daughter and granddaughters and they kept it stored until they decided to sell it. The car was then available for sale in 2013, and then in 2014 for all the Dale Earnhardt Sr. fans to admire and enjoy.
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