Curtis Niles
(Armored Comics)
Curtis NilesArmored Comics was founded in 2009 by Curtis S. Niles Sr., owner of Armored Home Inspections, LLC. As the owner of a growing inspection company, Curtis was faced with the challenge of creating a company brand that was both marketable and representative of his ideals. Based upon the concept outlined in Ephesians 6:11, and with the artful expertise of a long‐time friend, Hector Rodriguez, the Krome icon was born. This knight, arrayed in full armor, portrays the protective hero that Curtis strives to be to his customers in his inspection business. Krome, initially just an image in the company logo, has now become the comic book superhero of Armored’s infocomic series. Just as Curtis encounters the perils of termites, mold, water damage, and much more while he is out inspecting homes, Krome battles the evil villains of these woes in the “Krome” comic series.

At Armored Comics our mission is to educate consumers on the various aspects of the home buyer’s and homeowner’s experience in a new and interesting way. We feel that the more you know about a subject, the less you will fear that particular subject. The emphasis for the topics within our comic series is placed on subject matter that can have a significant impact on the occupant’s health, their wallet, or the home’s value. We felt that by placing these varied subjects in a comic format, consumers would be more inclined to read the information, and realize that they don’t have to face these challenges alone.
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