C. Spike Trotman
(Creator - Templar, Arizona.)
C. Spike TrotmanIím Spike. Iím a lady. I live in Chicago, with a dog and a man. I was born in Washington, D.C. the day that Jim Jones poisoned 900 members of his doomsday cult in Jonestown, Guyana.

Iíve been thinking, drawing, and writing about Templar since I was a kid. I started the comic in summer of 2005. Iíll finish it before I die, but probably not soon. Itís pretty long.

Templar, Arizona is a story about a town that doesnít exist, and the people who live there. I alternately describe it as speculative fiction, an alternate timeline, and an alternate history.

This isnít the Arizona youíre probably thinking of. This is a different Arizona. This is a slightly irregular Arizona that fell off the back of a truck somewhere, and now all the power outlets are a weird shape and a couple of wars never happened.

Templarís populated with junkies, f**k-ups, pretty girls, millionaires, hockey teams, weird religions, dumb subcultures, and people in love. So itís a lot like the cities you might already be familiar with, except the air there gives you Minerís Lung and nobody has a cell phone.
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