Cris Delara
(CG Artist, Illustrator, Painter)
Cris DelaraCris de Lara, experienced digital artist, with thousands of Google entries on her pin-up art and digital tutorials, several excellence awards on CG Websites, is well known as one of the best contemporary pinup artists since 2005.

Cris, is a female Brazilian Illustrator and Painter, that works in digital and traditional environment. She has worked in the comic industry for five years as digital colorist from 2001 up to 2006, and although she decided to change her career investing her talent in pin-up art, she never stopped to work with comics; actually she became a free lancer illustrator and painter for private collectors.

Her pinups and illustrations, most based on female figures, traditional pin-up art, comic and fantasy art, are unique pieces for any collector’s desires whether in digital or traditional media.
By the way, Cris produces and offers amazing flat rates commissioned pinups, illustrations, portraits, or caricatures in traditional way by using the following media: pencil graffiti, ink, watercolour pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylics, or oil, or in digital way: posters and prints, through her official websites.

In 2011, however, Cris decided to return to the comics industry as cover artist and digital painter again. So she has been producing and showing to the world through her websites and blog unique and amazing comic pin-ups and illustrations in n a variety and versatility of styles: traditional comics, manga, cartoon, toy art, etc.

Some of her illustrations can be found at game boards or at comic book covers, but you want to be amazed, google her name and see what she does.
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