Costas Mandylor

(Actor - SAW; Picket Fences)

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Costas Mandylor


COSTAS MANDYLOR plays "Hoffman" in the SAW movies. Costas starred in SAW III, SAW IV, SAW V, SAW VI, and he's in the upcoming 7th SAW film that opens in theatres on October 22.

Costas Mandylor was born in Melbourne, Australia of Greek ancestry. He began his career as a soccer star in Greece and Australia. When his professional soccer career was cut short following stress fractures to his shins, he packed up and moved to Hollywood. He has since become an acclaimed actor in the States.

Costas became an "overnight" success when cast in THE TRIUMPH OF THE SPIRIT, a Holocaust drama filmed in Auschwitz. Oliver Stone gave him a small role in 1991's THE DOORS, but it was MOBSTERS, from the same year, that gave him his first starring role.

Costas had a very successful and well-known television career as Kenny Lacos, the impulsive and lovable Deputy in the David E. Kelley drama Picket Fences and next put his Mediterranean good looks to good use as Alphonse RoyO' in the Dick Wolf drama series Players. Costas has been described as one of the most "beautiful" people in the world (People Magazine 1991) and "one of the most exotic faces on television today." Other notable small screen appearances include 'sex and the City, Andromeda, Charmed, 7th Heaven and Fastlane.

After Players in 1997 came a number of television films and larger projects. Costas had a small role in Sean Penn's THE PLEDGE and ABOVE AND BEYOND with Alexandra Paul. He lent his voice to the role of Hondshew in 2007's BEOWULF starring Angelina Jolie. He continues acting on television, including the Hallmark Channel's JUST DESSERTS opposite Lauren Holly and in numerous independent movies and a starring role in David E. Kelley's show, Wedding Bells.