Cory Hamscher

(Artist - Supreme; Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, Inker - The Incredible Hulk; Herc; Fear Itself: FF; Dead Avengers; X-Men Forever; Skaar: Son of Hulk)

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Cory Hamscher


Cory is a comic artist from the more-than-corn state of Indiana. He broke into the business in the late 90's doing magazine work then jumped over to comics a couple years later with work for Avatar Press, Chaos! Comics, and Devil's Due.

Much of the last 8 years have been spent working for Marvel and Image Comics as a penciller/inker on titles like Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, Mar. Adv. Fantastic Four, Powerpack, Giant-Size Hulk, and Supreme with Erik Larsen. He has also been the inker on a few titles including The Incredible Hulk, Avengers Academy, X-Men Forever, Deadpool Corps, Skaar Son of Hulk, Dead Avengers, Deathstroke, G.I. JOE, and G.I.JOE vs Transformers.

Cory's 2014 credits include All-New Ghost Rider #8-10, Astro City #15, Superior Iron Man #4, Spider-Man Spectacular #1, Captain America: Homefront, and Joan of Arc #0, as well as the upcoming indie projects Cyberines #1and Judges #1.