Corbyn S. Kern
Corbyn S. KernCorbyn has been an artist since he was old enough to hold a pencil. As a young child, he always communicated through art. He took every opportunity to learn technique through various art classes; and as a teenager and young adult, he stayed involved in artistic organizations and earned multiple awards.

Corbyn studied art and film during his college career and earned a scholarship to the UCLA School of Film and The Art Institute of Chicago. His education focused on fine arts, digital media and creative writing.

Through practical application, as well as with the aid of current technology, Corbyn continues to improve on his technique. His professional career spans 20 years in illustration, design and print. His clients have included individuals, marketing professionals, authors, business and international events.

Personally, Corbyn is a huge fan of pop culture, specifically film and graphic novels. Genre preferences are not limited. He enjoys the classics, the eighties, the latest films and even keeps up with his teenage children with all the latest trends. His passion lies in creating art which celebrates all types of entertainment and the opportunity to share his work (at an affordable price). His products include prints of some of the hottest trends, classics, and extends to commissioned work which brings to life the specific and customized ideas of all customers.
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