Con Bro Chill
*Appearing THURSDAY @ The Trocadero 9:00PM
FREE VIP only concert with Con Bro Chill, Thursday May 30th @ The Trocadero, doors open at 8pm.
Con Bro ChillWhen LMFAO, Scissor Scisters, and Daft Punk were smashed together, the Power Party Pop group “Con Bro Chill” was born. This party has been brewing for decades and is finally being unleashed unto the world to slam people right in the face with the most mind blowing HAPPY you’ve ever experienced. Made up by Connor Martin (Party Host/Keytar/Pro Lacrosse Player), SAMM (Lead Vox/Producer/Writer, current Maroon 5 single “Daylight,” tracks with TI, B.O.B., etc.), Ty Andre (Party/Art Director), and Steve Felts (Party Warrior/Art Demon) this band is here to have a good time. Let’s Party.
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