By Zev Hurwich
COMIC CREATORS SHOW THEIR STUFF AT BIG APPLE COMIC CONFrom the big names at Marvel and DC, to indie creators, comic artists and writers are here in force. Sure Big Apple Comic Con is a great place to play videogames, take a picture in the bat-mobile, or just generally have a good time, but it is a comic book convention after all.

There are a lot of creators, artists, and writers here and the con is a great place to meet your favorites or find up and coming talent you would never otherwise be exposed to. The artist alley in the back has creators who’ve done work for X-Men, and Superman, people who work in webcomics, and everything in between. Stroll around and check out the beautiful drawings, and chill with the people who’ve made them.

Most of them won’t bite, and a lot of them are actually quite friendly if you talk to them. You can get sketches, signatures, books, and pins. Plus there are creators who are scattered throughout the floor who can show you some cool comic books. Explore, discover and meet the people who work in the industry. Most of them are pretty geeky, but at Big Apple Comic Con, that’s really not a problem. They’ve got comics about superheroes, space gorillas, warrior mice, and just about everything. The convention is just starting so people have been able to really cover the vast amount of creators, and artists here.

The good news is most of these people will be here all weekend so you still have time to get down here and see for yourself.

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