Cliff Chiang
(Artist - Justice League: Generation Lost; Batman; Detective Comics: Josie Mac; Dr. Thirteen; Human Target; Green Arrow & Black Canary; Grendel: Red, White, and Black; Swamp Thing; Wonder Woman)
Cliff ChiangCliff Chiang is an American comic book artist. Formerly an assistant editor at DC Comics, he is now an illustrator, best known for his work on Human Target, Beware the Creeper and Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre. A recent project has been the Dr. Thirteen 8-part back-up story, Architecture & Mortality, in Tales of the Unexpected with writer Brian Azzarello.

Chiang took up artistic duties on the high-profile Green Arrow/Black Canary ongoing series with writer Judd Winick. His run concluded with issue number seven, although he continued to supply cover art until issue 15.
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