Christos Gage
(Writer - Buffy; X-Men; Spider-Man; Hulk; Avengers; Legends of the Dark Knight; Civil War; Iron Man, Creator - Absolution)
Christos GageChristos N. “Chris” Gage is an American comic book writer and screenwriter.

Gage is the son of author and journalist Nicholas Gage. He was born in New York, and grew up in Athens, Greece, and then North Grafton, Massachusetts. He attended Brown University where he majored in American Civilization.

Gage wrote The Breed and the 2002 film Teenage Caveman.

Since joining the comic book industry in December of 2004, he has written a number of series including a 2006 Union Jack mini-series with Mike Perkins.

Gage wrote a comic book series based on The Man with No Name for Dynamite Entertainment and wrote some fill-ins for Thunderbolts for Marvel, with three one-shots before, starting with #122, writing the four-issue tie-in with Secret Invasion. Also at Marvel he wrote Civil War: House of M. Gage wrote the “‘Secret Invasion” tie-in War Machine: Weapon of SHIELD and with the “‘Dark Reign” tie-in, Avengers: The Initiative, he will become the main writer for the series.

At Wildstorm he wrote The Authority: Prime with Darick Robertson and then worked on a number of Wildstorm titles, Wildstorm: Armageddon, Wildstorm: Revelations and the forthcoming Wildcats: Worlds End which allowed a number of titles to be relaunched.

Other recent or upcoming projects for other companies include Absolution for Avatar Press, G.I. Joe: Cobra at IDW Publishing and Area Ten at Vertigo.

Gage is married to Ruth Fletcher Gage, with whom he often collaborates in screenwriting projects.
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