Christopher Sprouse

(Co-Creator - Tom Strong, Artist - Legion of Super-Heroes; The Return of Bruce Wayne; Batman; X-Men; Human Target; Number of the Beast; Midnighter; Global Frequency; Legionnaires; Justice League; Wild C.AT.S.; Star Wars: Splinter of the Mind's Eye; Grendel; Supreme)

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Christopher Sprouse


Chris Sprouse's career spans over two decades in the comics industry. The artist first garnered attention as the penciller for DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes spinoff, Legionnaires, but he's probably most well known for his work on Wildstorm/DC Comics Tom Strong series, which he co-created with acclaimed writer Alan Moore. Sprouse has drawn numerous other titles for nearly every publisher in the industry, from Batman and Justice League books for DC, X-Men and Spider-Man comics for Marvel, and an adaptation of the Star Wars novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye for Dark Horse Comics. In 2004, Sprouse teamed up with fan-favorite writer Warren Ellis to work on the creator-owned graphic novel Ocean (published by Wildstorm/DC Comics). In the last few years, Sprouse's work has appeared in the Number of the Beast mini-series and the first issue of Grant Morrison's The Return of Bruce Wayne, as well as a brand new Tom Strong min-series, Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom. Recent and upcoming work includes another new Tom Strong mini-series, Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril, plus a Rocketeer short story for IDW, a Batman project for DC Digital, and several Superman stories for Action Comics.