Christopher Rizzo
(Creative Director - Dark Ink Pictures)
Christopher RizzoChristopher Rizzo and Sarah Hoppes are the founders of Dark Ink Pictures, an indie comic production company specializing in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Rizzo, the Creative Director at Dark Ink Pictures, is a comic writer whose titles include the series “Coven,” “Planet of Women,” “Beach Blanket Massacre,” and “Cursed Mountain,” along with the one-shots “The Patient,” “Hunters,” “Human Eyes Are Like My Eyes.”

Hoppes, the Executive Producer for Dark Ink Pictures, was the letterer on “Planet of Women: Issue 2,” “Cursed Mountain: Book 1,” and “Coven: Issue 1.”

In addition to their work in comics, Rizzo is a film and video editor, and Hoppes is a photographer. They currently reside in New York City.
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