Christopher Mav Maverick

(Writer/Photographer/Colorist - Cosmic Hellcats)

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Christopher Mav Maverick


Christopher Maverick is an author, artist, blogger and photographer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From 2003 to 2010 he also competed as a professional wrestler. In 2006, he founded the Internet community 365 Days on the website The community challenges its members to take a photographic self-portrait once a day for a year as a means of self-exploration. In nine years, the community has grown to cult-like status as over 100,000 members worldwide have attempted the project. When not devoting all of his time to comics, art, blogging and photography, he is pursuing a PhD in English, specializing in comic books as literature and 20th Century Pop Culture. He doesnt sleep much. Mav's photography and rants on pop culture, politics, comics and anything random that crosses his mind can also be found on his website: Mav is the writer and colorist (and on rare occasions, penciler and inker) of the webcomic, Cosmic Hellcats (