Christine Larsen
(Artist - LaMorte Sisters; Shrek; Kung Fu Panda; Valentine)
Christine LarsenOriginating from the Pine Barrens of central Jersey, Christine is a freelance Illustrator by trade, designing and illustrating for comics, cartoons, book covers, textbooks, textiles, posters and websites. She has worked with clients such as Ape Entertainment (Teddy Scares, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda), DC Comics (La MortÚ Sisters) and Comixology (Valentine), and has appeared in numerous anthologies.

Christine is a long time member of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society, and an instructor at the University of the arts, where she teaches undergraduate courses for freshmen and juniors. She resides with her two cats, her fiancÚ and a sawed off shotgun in a heavily fortified North Philadelphia row home where she awaits the zombie apocalypse.

You can find her work, and other links to aid you in your internet stalking at her website:
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