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Christine Hogenkamp


Christine was born in Thornhill, Ontario and spent her childhood catching frogs and butterflies, and learning the names of every creature. She has always had a fascination and deep love for nature, always happiest exploring field and forest, as well as studying the sciences of biology and ecology. She has been making art from a young age, enjoying the act of learning new media and trying new things, becoming an artistic jack-of-all-trades, including guitar and flute, as well as poetry and short story writing as part of her repertoire. Dragons, gryphons and other mythical creatures have always been her focus, as well as other animals of the more everyday variety.

Her interest in web and graphic design came about after an amazing co-op placement at the Canadian Film Centre's program referred to, at the time, as the "Bell H@bitat", which provided intense four month crash-courses in developing multimedia projects. Having very little previous computer experience, Christine was tossed into a brand new artistic arena where she learned, on the fly, many new programs and absorbed the different elements needed to successfully finish computer-assisted artworks. Most of her learning was self-directed and her first websites were written entirely by hand in HTML, as well as expanding her knowledge of the pillars of graphic design - Photoshop and Illustrator - through trial and error.

In 2006, Christine graduated from McMaster University with Combined Honours in Fine Art and Multimedia and has since then worked for a number of interesting companies including the Toronto Transit Commission. Currently she is working as a freelance artist in the beautiful city of Guelph, surrounded by tall trees, cardinals and abundant green spaces. Christine is always interested in meeting fellow artists and craftspeople, enjoys doing artshows and conventions, such as FanExpo and AnimeNorth. Her undergraduate thesis focused on how artists use technology to create new and interesting artworks and other communicative projects, and she is happy to help any artist who wants to make the transition to the digital realms of cyberspace. More on this topic can be found in the Paint To Pixel Studio.

When she's not making art, Christine enjoys watching and reading science fiction and fantasy movies and novels, as well as roaming through the wilds of the natural world. She is a frequent patron of flea markets and thrift stores, searching for interesting and unique treasures, and she is a great lover of alternative music, as well as avid concert-goer. She lives high up, surrounded by trees, and enjoys quiet evenings with friends, or a good book and cup of tea.