Chris Kuchta

(Horror Artist, Painter, Illustrator, Concept Design)

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Chris Kuchta


Chris Kuchta is an artist hailing from Lafayette, Indiana. As an art instructor, he teaches Academic Drawing, Painting, Digital Art and Graphic Design at the Kuchta Academy of Fine Art and Illustration a business he opened in 2004. His work specializes in painting horror portraits, freelance illustration, and creature concept design.

Currently, Chris is working on projects involving a large series of vivid movie monster paintings and prints, as well as concept illustration for film, animation, storyboarding, and a comic graphic novel titled Escalation.

His paintings shout vibrant colors that provide an excellent juxtaposition with the dark, monstrous subjects inside each frame. He also has a series of sepia-toned paintings that have a habit of drawing one's eyes in from afar, like a vintage photograph.

Chris Kuchta's artwork has been seen in Rue Morgue Magazine, HorrorHound Magazine, Fangoria, and at various horror film festivals and conventions in the midwest U.S.

Check out his monster paintings and more at: