Chris A. Jackson

(Author - A Soul for Tsing; Deathmask; Weapon of Flesh; The Cornerstones Trilogy)

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Chris A. Jackson


Born in a land-locked small town in southern Oregon, Chris A. Jackson fell in love with the sea the first time he set eyes on those majestic rolling waves. After college, graduate school and a lengthy career in biomedicine, he has moved on to indulge his loves of writing and sailing full time. Chris and his wife Anne are now sailing the east US coast, the Bahamas and the Caribbean while continuing to turn out award-winning works of fantasy and science fiction. You can follow their nautical adventures at

Chris A. Jackson's most recent series, the Scimitar Seas novels, a high fantasy tale of piracy and magic on the tropical high seas, debuted with 'scimitar Moon (Dragon Moon Press September, 2009), which won the 2009 ForeWord Book of the Year Gold Medal in Fantasy. The second in the series, 'scimitar Sun, earned another ForeWord Book of the Year Gold Medal in Fantasy, in 2010. The third in the series, 'scimitar's Heir, was released in September of 2011, and the fourth and final volume, 'scimitar War will be released in 2012. Chris has six independently published novels of fantasy, A Soul for Tsing, Deathmask (Florida Writers Association, 2005, Second Place Novel of the Year), and Weapon of Flesh (USA Book News National Best Books Awards 2005, First Place in Fantasy and Science Fiction), and a high-fantasy, swords and sorcery series, The Cornerstones Trilogy, Zellohar, Nekdukarr and Jundag, co-authored with Anne L. McMillen-Jackson. Chris short story, Scar Tissue, was included in a recent anthology, When The Hero Comes Home, edited by Ed Greenwood and Gabrielle Harbowy, and published by Dragon Moon Press in 2011. Chris has also produced three novella-length, Science Fiction Satire audiobooks that have received high acclaim. Cheese Runners, the sequel Cheese Rustlers and the finale Cheese Lords are available for MP3-format download from