Chris Hamer

(Sketch Artist - Art used on Walking Dead TV show, Sketch Card artist for Topps; Cryptozoic and Upperdeck)

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Chris Hamer is an Atlanta Based Artist also known as Urbnpop. Most recently, Chris' work can be seen on Amc's the Walking Dead as part of the set design for the kids room in Alexandria ( the crazy looking monster posters on the wall). Chris' work is a multimedia mix of Cartoons, graffiti and Folk art.. All created out of Recycled materials.
Chris' work can also be found in several Topps, cryptozoic and Upperdeck card sets, including licenses, Star Wars, Avengers, Adventure time, DC battles and Ant man. Currently Chris is working on sequential pages for an upcoming Comic Book series "Creepy Cabin" and "Ann Beretta" . When not attending Coventions across the country, he spends his days with the Snuggle Crew ( his dogs and cats). Visit Chris' website

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