Chris Gomez

(Photographer/Digital Imageist - Bizzare Magazine; Car Kulture Deluxe; Deadbeat Magazine)

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Chris Gomez


Chris Gomez is an experienced and internationally published professional freelance photographer based in Southern California. For 10 years he has photographed a wide gamut of subjects across the globe, has done cover work for internationally distributed publications like Bizarre Magazine, Car Kulture Deluxe, appeared on reality television, and continues to embrace the pinup and cosplay community. After acquiring a bachelor's degree in multimedia, Chris began focusing on photography. When asked to participate in his first art gallery, he was thrilled to discover the theme of the gallery was a Betty Page tribute. For the first time, I found a way to marry my undying love for comic books and pinup photography. Who could forget that Betty Page was the Rocketeer's girlfriend, and from there, as a photograph I could not only pay homage to Betty, but also one of my favorite comic book creators, Dave Stevens. Since then, Chris has pledged to produce cosplay imagery that honors those that came before while exposing the purists to some new and refreshing takes on the classics.